Zoeller Aquanot I & II Battery Backup Sump Pump Review

Zoeller is a leader in the sump pump industry, the company prides itself on 4 key components. The First is Quality; Zoeller offers world class high quality products.Zoeller Aquanot Battery Backup Sump Pump Zoeller Aquanot I & II Battery Backup Sump Pump Review All of their products meet and or exceed the customers expectations. The second is Employees; Zoeller employees are 100% qualified and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of all of the products. Integrity, Zoeller provides honesty and integrity when it comes to their company, employee and products. Lastly, Teamwork, Zoeller works hard to create an environment that through teamwork supports both internal and external customers.

One of the premier sump pumps in the Zoeller Pump Industry is the Aquanot I & II Battery Backup Sump Pump. These pumps are a bit more advanced than many of the backup pumps. The battery backup pump offers some impressive features and some great benefits. One of the best advantages is that with the battery backup, you will get more protection after your main pump fails for any reason whatsoever. Another great reason to use battery backup is that it has 25 years of proven performance.

Zoeller Aquanot I II Battery Backup Sump Pump Zoeller Aquanot I & II Battery Backup Sump Pump Review
The Zoeller Aquanot I & II Battery Backup Sump Pumps are pedestal pumps that are very close in outputs as many of the 1/3 hp sump pumps. The pumps will keep up with the water that has been handled by the main pump with ease. The Aquanot I is equipped with a .5 amp battery monitor that is designed to maintain a completely charged battery.
The unit has a non-corrosive base assembly.

The battery backup is one of the most dependable and well established battery backups for sump pumps in the industry. The sump pump is made with a stainless steel column and shaft. The Aquanot II comes equipped with an automatic electronic 28 amp charger to help keep the battery charged.
The Zoeller Aquanot II Battery Backup Sump Pump comes with a 28 battery charger, an LED status indicator and a 12V DC output. This pump system is microprocessor controlled. Since the pump system converts from AC to DC, the pump will run for an extended times as a backup unit in the event that the pump does fail.

Zoeller is offering a 12 Month Warranty from the date that the pump is installed or 18 months from the manufacturers date. If you purchase an Aquanot Battery from Zoeller they will increase the 12 Month Warranty to 36 months. If you are looking to protect your home from flooding, it may be a good idea to replace that old system with a new Zoeller Aquanot I & II Battery Backup Sump Pump. These pumps are built to last and they are dependable and reliable.

Isnt it worth peace of mind knowing in the event that your main pumps fails then you can still protect your home and everything in it with a backup. Contact a Zoeller sales representative for more information and for pricing.

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