Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater Review

Rheem Water Heaters are high quality, durable and reliable. One of their newest water heaters is the HP50RH this Heat Pump Water Heater is Energy Star Complaint, which means that you can be sure that you will start seeing savings the first month of your purchase.

The Department or Energy or the DOE has estimated that the average homeowner can save almost $ 300 per year by replacing that old water heater that you have with a new Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater. Rheem has an excellent reputation for being the leader in water heaters. Rheem has been in business since the 1920s so they must be doing something right.

Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater ReviewBy choosing the Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater you are gaining some advantages over the standard water heaters. This particular Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater works like a backwards refrigerator. The heat pump will remove the heat from the warm air and increase the heat through the compressor while the unit is getting rid of the cold air. With the Rheem HP50RH you will not have to wait minutes to take a shower after someone has already used it, now it is just seconds.

Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater Rheem HP50RH Heat Pump Water Heater Review
The Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater has an energy efficiency rating of 2.0. The system was designed with an easy to use LED Touch Pad. On the Touch Pad you will find three different settings, Energy Saver, Normal and Electric Heat. The Energy Saver uses the heat pump technology and the first hour delivery is 67 gallons per hour. On Normal Mode you find that this setting uses the heat pump with a backup heating element and the Electric Mode uses two heating modes.

Design wise you will find that the HP50RH has the heat pump installed on top of the water heater. The unit has side connections with 3/4″ inch NPT Water Inlet. The Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater comes with a 50 Gallon Tank which is insulated with a 2-1/2 inch Non CFC Foam Insulation. There is a factory installed resistored anode rod; this will help prevent corrosion which can shorten the life of your tank. The tank is lined with the Rheem Rheemglas , the unit has a factory installed Temperature and Pressure Valve. The heat pump water heater comes with condensate drain connections.

The Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater is tall but slim; it measures in at 21 inches in diameter. It can replace a standard electric water heater easily. The heat pump has a working operating range from 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Rheem also provides a freeze and overhear protection as well as a top mounted washable filter which will cut back on maintenance. The Rheem recommends that you hire a qualified professional to install the water heater and that the install area is about 1000 cubic feet of air surrounding it.

By choosing the right setting, you can control how much money you save on water and energy. Contact your local Rheem sales representative for more information. It is now a good time to replace that old water heater and replace with a new Rheem HP50RHHeat Pump Water Heater.

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