How to replace a toilet flapper

Did you know that if your toilet flapper is bad, that you could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water a day! So if you hear your toilet running at night or even during the day, you should call a licensed plumber to repair and rebuild the internal parts of your toilet.How to replace a toilet flapper How to replace a toilet flapper

The toilet flapper is that part of the toilet tank that opens and closes the flush valve to allow your toilet to flush. Normally it is in the closed position and serves to keep the water in the tank, ready for flushing. When you push the handle, it lifts the flapper via the chain and opens the flush valve to allow the water in the tank to flush out the toilet bowl and siphon it clear and clean! Simple, but very effective toilet flushing technology!

It is actually an easy job to replace your toilet flapper, and it is the single most common cause of a runny toilet. Toilets should have the flapper changed out about every 5 to 10 years on average. All you need is to buy a toilet flapper that fits the model toilet that you have. First, turn off the toilet shutoff valve.

toilet flapper How to replace a toilet flapper
Then, remove the old flapper by pulling the ears of the flapper carefully off of the flush-valve arms and unhook the chain from the toilet handle tank lever. Then install the new flapper by hooking the two ears onto the arms where the old flapper was attached. Finally, connect the flapper chain to the tank lever using the flapper chains connecter piece.

How to Replace a Toilet FlapperIt is important that you make sure the chain is not too long, or too short. If you connect the chain so that it is too long, you will have the very common problem of having to hold the handle to get the toilet to flush. If you connect the chain so that it is too short, the toilet will run constantly and the toilet will not fill up as it the water runs out. I like to connect the chain so that just enough chain is left that there is a slight slack in the chain when the flapper is down in the closed position. When you you push the handle, it should quickly take off the slack and lift the flapper to the fully open position. Once you have the chain set properly so that it is not too long or too short, then connect
the chain permanently to the tank handle and then cut off the excess chain using a pair of snips or dikes.

There, your toilet flapper has been replaced properly and this should maximize flushing power, yet reduce the water waste of an old rotten flapper!

Good job!

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