Repairing a Delta two handle faucet

Repairing a Delta two handle faucet is a bit different than repairing a single lever faucet. The two handle faucets have stems instead of a rotating ball. Repairing a Delta two handle faucet Repairing a Delta two handle faucet The stems swivel to on and off as they are turned. You can buy a pair of the Delta stems, washers and springs as a pack for a complete repair on your drippy double handle faucet. As always, before proceeding with the flowing steps be sure to turn the water shutoff valves off and open the faucet to drain out all the water pressure.Repairing a Delta two handle faucet

Step 1) Remove the handles. Most of these faucets were sold with crystal ball type handles, just remove the cap on top, unscrew the set screw using a Phillips type screwdriver, and pull the handles straight up to pop them off.

Step 2) Remove the bonnet caps that hold the stems in place using an adjustable wrench.

Step 3) Pull the stems out of the faucet body and discard.

Delta two handle faucet Repairing a Delta two handle faucet
Step 4) Remove the old rubber seats and metal springs.

Step 5) Install the new springs, seats and stems in the opposite order that they were removed.

Step 6) Re-install the bonnets and handles.

Step 7) Turn the water back on.

As described in the other Delta repair articles: Installing the springs and washers is where many amateurs make mistakes. The springs go in the recessed holes first, with the narrow part of the spring facing up. Then the rubber cup washers go on top of the springs, with the cupped female side down surrounding the springs. It helps to use a small Phillips screwdriver or an Allen key to hold the springs and washers in place.

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