Repairing a closet flange

Repairing a closet flange is often an unexpected repair that is discovered in the process of resetting a toilet with a new wax ring seal. Closet Flange1 Repairing a closet flangeOften the sides of the flange that hold the closet bolts in place can crack and then the bolts will be loose, and the whole toilet will be loose.Repairing a closet flange

The best repair is to completely replace the closet flange, but this is often a difficult task since the closet riser will have to be cut and it is often in a very tight location under the floor with little or no access. What I have found that works in a majority of situation is to use a flange repair kit. These are metallic rings that are screwed down over the old flange, and thus repairing the broken part of the flange that holds the bolts without having to replace the waste piping itself which is usually not damaged.

Closet Flange Repairing a closet flange
To do this repair, simply follow the instructions in the resetting a toilet article. Once you have arrived at the step where the flange is completely exposed and you have found it is cracked, you can then fasten on the repair flange. Simply align the repair flange over top of the old flange and make sure the closet bolt slots line up.

I often insert the closet bolts before I screw the new flange down, insuring that I wont have any problems getting the brass closet bolts into place. Once the bolts are set, and the flange is aligned, then use some waterproof screws such as galvanized deck screws to fasten the repair flange to the old flange using the existing holes in the new repair flange ring.

Since there are now two rings, the new repaired closet flange will be slightly higher, but the stainless steel repair flange ring is so thin that this usually is not a problem. Now simply finish the instructions in the resetting a toilet article, and you are sure to have a nice solid toilet bowl, with no wobbling or leaks!

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