Moen 1222 posi-temp cartridge replacement

This Moen posi temp 1222 cartridge guide manual will show you how to repair a moen tub & shower faucet that uses the Moen 1222 posi-temp type cartridge. Moen positemp 1222 cartridge replacement Moen 1222 posi temp cartridge replacement The Posi-Temp provides Anti-Scald protection by balancing the pressure differences that can occur between hot and cold water when other fixtures in the water system are used. The Posi-Temp Cartridge is easily recognized by its larger size than the 1220/1225, and it having the distinction of 2 tabs that insert into the valve body.

Moen 1222 posi temp cartridge replacementA leaking Moen posi temp shower faucet valve is a common problem. The drip occurs at the tub spout, or a dripping shower head. This is a sure sign that the Moen positemp 1222 cartridge is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Moen 1222 posi temp cartridge Moen 1222 posi temp cartridge replacement
Replacing the Moen 1222 posi-temp cartridge is a simple, yet sometimes frustrating task. Simple, the cartridge is one single piece, but frustrating because it is often very difficult to remove the old cartridge without breaking it! The key to removing the frustration is the Moen cartridge puller. That is right, this simple task is so frustrating that there is a special tool just for it!

As with the 1220/1225 style, you will need to follow all the same instructions as follows:Moen 1222 posi temp cartridge replacement

Step 1) As always, turn off the water to the faucet and open the faucet to drain all the water pressure.

Step 2) Remove the handle. Usually there is a cover plate, then underneath is a Phillips style screw that must be removed in order to slide the handle off of the cartridge.

Step 3) Remove the cylindrical sliding cover, and the cartridge retainer clip. This is a small brass clip that holds the cartridge in the faucet body. It can be removed by pulling it straight up out of the groove in the brass body.

Step 4) Pull the cartridge out of the faucet body. To make this step easier, use the cartridge puller!

Step 5) Grease the new cartridge with plumbers grease and insert it straight into the body and re-install the retainer clip and the handle. The 1222 posi-temp cartridge should have an H and a C marked on the cartridge to help in installing it properly. Install the H on the left side.

Step 6) Turn on the water to test the repair. Make sure the hot and cold are coming out properly. If the hot and cold are reversed, then you will want to go back and twist the cartridge 180 degrees in the faucet body to reverse the hot and cold ports of the cartridge.

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