Moen 1220/1225 shower faucet cartridge repair

Moen kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets and tub and shower facuets all can be repaired using the same 1225 cartridge! That is the best thing about them is that the parts are universal. Moen 12201225 shower faucet cartridge repair Moen 1220/1225 shower faucet cartridge repair So if your Moen kitchen faucet leaks and needs a new cartridge, you can follow this guide. If your moen bthroom faucet leaks, or your moen tub shower faucet drips, the same cartridge can be used in virtually all of these faucets that leak or drip. Especially any design that uses a crystal handle that is shaped like a teardrop, then the Moen faucet surely has a 1225 cartridge that can be repalato fix the drip.
Moen 1220/1225 shower faucet cartridge repair

Moen faucets are extremely popular and have been installed in American homes for decades. By far, the most popular design is the use of the Moen 1220 or 1225 cartridge. Fortunately this makes the repair easy and simple, because the cartridge is a single piece and the only piece that needs to be replaced to stop a drippy faucet. This guide will show you exactly how to repair a moen bathroom faucet or how to repair a moen kitchen faucet, or how to repair a moen single handle tub & shower valve with a 1225 cartridge.

Here are the instructions on how to replace your Moen faucet cartridge on the common 1220 or 1225 cartridge models:

Moen 1220 1225 shower faucet cartridge Moen 1220/1225 shower faucet cartridge repair
Step 1) As always, turn off the water to the Moen faucet and open the faucet to drain all the water pressure.

Step 2) Remove the crystal Meon handle, or tother type of Moen handle. Usually there is a cover plate, then underneath is a Phillips style screw that must be removed in order to slide the handle off of the cartridge.

Step 3) Remove the cylindrical sliding cover, and the Moen cartridge retainer clip. This is a small brass clip that holds the cartridge in the faucet body. It can be removed by pulling it straight up out of the groove in the brass body.

Step 4) Pull the Moen 1225 cartridge out of the faucet body. To make this step easier, first twist the cartridge to break it loose from the body. Often the rubber seals are adhered to the sides of the faucet body, making it difficult to remove the cartridge. Usually the replacement cartridge will come with a small white tool that will help assist you in twisting the cartridge to break it free. Then you can use pliers to yank the cartridge straight up and out of the body.
Moen 1220/1225 shower faucet cartridge repair
Step 5) Grease the new Moen 1225 cartridge with plumbers grease and insert it straight into the body and re-install the retainer clip and the handle.

Step 6) Turn on the water to test the repair. Make sure the hot and cold are coming out properly. If the hot and cold are reversed, then you will want to go back and twist the cartridge 180 degrees in the faucet body to reverse the hot and cold ports of the cartridge.

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