Kohler memoirs Toilet

memoir 150x150 Kohler memoirs ToiletI have the classic Kohler Memoirs toilet in my house. I chose it not because of function, as much as design. I have always liked the classic square look of this design, both on the toilet lid and the base. Kohler memoirs Toilet Kohler memoirs ToiletSo far I am quite happy with it. It has only clogged once, although I must admit this toilet is not the strongest flushing unit out there by any means! The new Kohler Memoirs toilet models on sale today flush much better than my older model, and have a MaP flush rating of 800 which is pretty strong. Also, I have not had to do a single repair yet on it and it is now pushing 5 years old.

I also have the matching Kohler memoirs pedestal sinks in my bathrooms, and they match nicely with the same elegant square design. If you are looking for classic look for your bathroom that never goes out of style, then this just might be the toilet for you.

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