Heated toilet seats review

Heated toilet seat review Heated toilet seats reviewEver freeze your butt off when using a the toilet on a cold winter night? Well, you dont have to any more. There are a number of heated toilet seats on the market that use a very minute amount amount of energy, yet can keep your tushy warm when you sit down on your favorite throne.Heated toilet seats review

Most heated toilet seats utilize a low-voltage heating element, and use only a trickle of energy. Since these are luxury items, many heated toilet seats feature other exotic luxuries such as slow closing lids, venting fans, even radios!
The japanese in particular seem to have a cultural fetish with exotic luxury toilet seats, and they have led the market in heated, high-tech toilet seats.

Toto leads the way in luxury toilet seats.

The Toto washlet s400 may be the Ultimate in toilet seat luxury, it features a hands free flush and automatic open and close lid along with gentle warm water to wash your backside like a bidet! A temperature controlled seat, warm air blower and air purifier, remote control and so many luxurious high tech features, youd think it was from a science fiction movie! How much does it cost? The online price for one of these Toto washlet s400 toilet seats is around $999 at the time of this writing!

Heated toilet seat Heated toilet seats review

Brondell is one manufacturer of luxury plumbing products that has a line of heated toilet seats.

They have the Breeza with an exhaust fan and deodorizing system!
Also featuring a gentle close lid, and antimicrobial surfaces, these seats are nice. I found the cost was not too high, the price for these seats are around $150 online.

Ultra-touch Heated Toilet Seats

also features antimicrobial surfaces on their seats and they have a heated seat that uses only a minute amount of energy to heat the seat up to about 20 degrees F above room temperature.

Kohler Heated Toilet Seats

features a heated french curve toilet seat that raises the temperature above the room temp, using only 12 watts of electricity. They also have some fancy features available, like self-closing lids and automatic hands-free flushing when the seat is closed.
Available in a wide variety of beautiful colors, the Kohler french curve K-4649 was priced around $226 online.

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