Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilets

Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilet Envirolet Low Water Composting ToiletsThe Envirolet low water toilets use a eco friendly toilet system that composts the waste while using almost no water at all! While indoor toilets have become a universal modern convenience to much of society, their impact on water use is serious issue. Envirolet has designed a system that has all the convenience and comfort of a luxury toilet, yet the ecologically sound, green system uses almost no water! So you get the best of both worlds: luxury and extreme green efficiency when you buy the envirolet low water remote system.Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilets

How does the Envirolet low water composting toilet work?

The heart of the envirolet system is a composting toilet unit. Simple to install, the envirolet composting unit is an automatic six way aeration and evaporation process, an engineered composting system by Sancor. Two fans work together with natural microbes to circulate large amounts of air and maximize composting action. This efficient toilet composting system is smaller than many other toilet composting units, and is fully automated unlike the manual crank comporting drums that you have read about.

Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilets Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilets
Up to three Envirolet low water toilets can be connected to one unit. So even if you have three bathrooms, you wont need to buy a second composting container.

How much water do Envirolet Low Water Toilets save?

The low water systems use only 0.5 liters a flush! That is just a small cupful! And if you really want to go Green, they have the FlushSmart Vacuum Flush System that uses only 0.2 liters per flush, or even completely waterless units! Installing this composting toilet system in your home could save you thousands of gallons of water in just a couple of years!

What about odor in composting toilets? Does the Envirolet composting toilet smell?
The composting unit container is fully sealed and is vented out the top. The vent allows all the odor to vent away out of the vent pipe, which can be secured to the outside of your house and terminate above the roof line, keeping all odords away from your nose!

Also, the Envirolet toilet low-flush toilet itself features a self-closing hatch that easily opens and closes upon use, keeping all odors trapped away like a conventional toilet.

Is the Envirolet composting toilet a lot of work to maintain?

Upon start-up you add aerobic microbes, then the Envirolet composting system begins its automated work. If you follow the instructions, and use only easy to biodegrade, single ply toilet paper, your composting system will only require occasional addition of microbes and use of the aerator bar. Other than that, you can let it work on its own!

How much do these low water composting toilet systems cost?

Costs can vary widely depending on the brand, and type of composting toilet system that you purchase. If price is your only concern, and you could care less about convenience, then you can make your own composting toilet system for pennies, but it will be a lot of hands on work and about as convenient as using an outhouse! If you want to go green, save water, but still have the luxury and convenience of modern indoor toilets with no hassle, then you could buy an envirolet toilet system for your home. A high-tech, low maintenance composting system can cost between $2,000 and $6,000 depending on the system. So they are not the cheapest, but luxury and convenience always carries a price tag.

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