Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boiler Review

Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boiler Review Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boiler ReviewBuderus is one of the leading manufacturers in the boiler industry. They have a complete line of gas and oil fired boilers. One of their premier products is the Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boiler . The G125BE Series consists of two models the G125BE and the GB125BE. These boilers have some of the highest energy efficiencies of any boilers on the market. The company started out back in 1731 as a cast iron goods company by 1835 they expanded the business to include heating.

The Buderus G125BE Oil Fired Boiler is available in three Non Condensing Models; each one has a rating of 89% AFUE. It has an output rating of 73,000, 97,000 and 118,000 MBH. The Buderus GB125BE Oil Fired Boilers are available in three Condensing Models, all energy rated at 91 % AFUE. The outputs of 75,000 100,000 and 121,000 MBH. The Condensing Boilers use a secondary heat exchanger section; this is where the higher temperature exhaust are used to preheat the water that is going back to the boiler. The system will remove much of the heat out of the exhaust which will keep the exhaust is much cooler than other types of boilers.

Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boiler Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boiler Review
The Buderus G125BE Series Boilers have a one of a kind burner that will burn at a low temperature. It will recirculate the combustion gases which will result in a lower NOx emissions and a full atomization of the fuel. The complete burning of the oil will provide maximum heat efficiency. With the G125BE Series Oil Fired Boilers you will not find any soot or high emissions, this makes these boilers environmentally friendly.
Each one of the models in the Buderus G125BE Series will come with a Buderus Gl-180 factory wired and factory tested GL-180M Cast Iron Boiler, a BE Low NOx Burner and a Logamatic Control Panel. This control panel offers easy to read and easy to understand codes and settings. These boilers also come with a Tigerloop Ultra which is an oil de-aerator and a protective coating of 3-1/2 inches of insulation which adds to the efficiency of the boiler system.
These boilers were actually developed in Europe, at the time the fuel costs there were much higher and the required emissions were stricter. In 1995 over 250,000 Buderus G125BE Series Oil Fired Boilers were sold and installed in North America. Buderus recommends that a qualified technician performs the installs on the G125BE Series Boilers. It is a good idea to hire a professional, so you can make sure that the boiler was installed correctly and you can keep your warranty intact. Also a professional can set the boiler to utilize the full efficiency.

If you are considering replacing that old boiler that has been installed since the dawn of man, the Buderus G125BE Oil Fired Boiler System is the perfect replacement for your home. Contact your Buderus sales representative for more information and for any questions that you may have. A good boiler system can help you stay warm and save money.

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