A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater Review

A.O Smith has some of the most efficient products in the water heating industry. One of their products is the A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater. With most of the water heater companies out there creating their own line of hybrid water heaters, A.O already has gas and electric hybrid water heaters. The NEXT Hybrid Gas Water Heater or Model HYB-90N is the newest what A.O Smith is calling a milestone in water heating. These water heaters were designed and built for the way we really use hot water.

A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Water Heater A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB 90N Water Heater ReviewSome of the advantages of the A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater is that it operates and performs just like a tankless model but it can also handle a high demand of hot water periods. This hybrid water heater is 90% thermal efficiency which is one of the highest ratings you can get. The NEXT Gas Hybrid System will eliminate any sudden interruptions that may occur during hot water delivery. The installation is simple so you can save money even on the installation.

A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB 90N Water Heater A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB 90N Water Heater Review
Lets start with the energy efficiency of the A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater. These water heaters have a patented circulation system that can deliver 90% thermal efficiency plus ensure that the system is getting the most heat transfer all while saving energy and money. The Hybrid technology of the NEXT System is an advanced system that exceeds existing traditional and tankless water heater designs. The patented water flow circulation system will offer the performance of a tankless unit and the efficient quick recovery.

The first hour delivery on the HYB-90N is 189 gallons of hot water, the unit is smaller than a traditional 50 gallon gas water heater but it offers double the hot water delivery. With the NEXT Gas Hybrid Water Heater you can have continuous hot shower after hot shower, there are no cold water sandwiches, these units delivery water faster than a tankless system and it has an internal storage that can easily handle high demand peaks.
The A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater has a user friendly temperature controller with a LED numeric display which allows you to accurately program in precise temperatures. There are three different lifestyle modes, the Energy Saver, Vacation and the Boost Modes. There are safety locks in place that discourage unwanted access. You will find that the HYB-90N has an error code display for easy troubleshooting, now if there is a problem you can take care of it before it turns into a more severe and costly problem.

The A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater has a recovery rate of 121 gallons per hour on a 90 degrees rise. The first hour rating as we mentioned before is 189 gallons per hour. These units have an input of 100,000 BTUs per hour. The gas type is Natural Gas and it is rated for 120 volts with 60 HZ and 2.5 amps. Now is a good time to start looking at a new water heater to replace that old unit you have. The A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater is a great water heater manufactured by one of the leaders in the water heater industry today. Contact an A.O Smith sales representative for more information.

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  1. Mabs
    Posted December 31, 2010 at 10:26 am | Permalink

    I’m in the process of installing an AO Smith NEXT Hybrid Water Heater. Due to space limitations in my Charlotte, NC home, it’s being installed in the attic. I’m concerned about the winter storms we have every few years that knock the power out for several days. Do you have any idea how vulnerable my water heater is to freezing if there is no power in the house for a few days of below-freezing temperatures? I’m also worried about not having hot water while the power is out. Do you know of a battery backup system that will continue to run the water heater for a few days during power outages? I suppose I could get a generator, but I would like to avoid that if I can. Thanks -

    • Dustin Johnson
      Posted January 3, 2011 at 2:28 pm | Permalink

      Be prepared for problems with this hot water heater we have had 2 mths and about every 1.5 weeks we have to turn the water off, Open the front door to it, remove the water filter and Blow it out. You just remove it and blow thru it and reinsert it, its connected on the left side of the unit after you open the door and reach around behind the stainless steal hose.. It errors out with a e35 code. No water flow but trust me its got 80 psi of water to it…. Its like when you remove the filter it fools it to thinking its fixed… Buyer Beware! MAKE SURE U have access and be prepared for Issues!!!!!

  2. Ron
    Posted January 19, 2011 at 4:26 am | Permalink

    I just installed one 6 weeks ago. I think the filter issue is hiding a defective control board. It should come today so I’ll let you know. I can’t get water hotter than 115 degrees even when I set it to 158. Its the board. Heard that that is an issue with the control board on this unit. Call State, they will send you a filter with a courser screen.
    As far as your attic installation. Mine is in an attic as well. You will need to install what is referred to as a dump valve. It works as follows. If you loose power the following things happen, the water supply line shuts off, then 2 solenoids open and empty the water heater contents (supply and output sides). This will protect the heater and the water lines (at least on the downstream side of the valve). This setup will cost a few hundred but will protect not just the heater but the living space underneath. I would also advise to put the heater in a drain pan that is big enough to handle a major leak if all else fails.

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