Kohler Coralais Faucet Troubleshooting and Repair Guide


One quite popular kitchen faucet in America is the Kohler Coralais single handle kitchen faucet. Actually Kohler has a wide variety of designs available, but many of them use the same cartridge. Kohler kitchen faucets utilize a ceramic disc cartridge which will not wear out by itself, but sediment can sometimes get in the cartridge and scratch it or cause it crack. The main problem […]

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A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater Review

A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater

A.O Smith has some of the most efficient products in the water heating industry. One of their products is the A.O Smith NEXT Hybrid Gas HYB-90N Water Heater. With most of the water heater companies out there creating their own line of hybrid water heaters, A.O already has gas and electric hybrid water heaters. The NEXT Hybrid Gas Water Heater or Model HYB-90N is the […]

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Tankless Water Heaters Guide

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

The next class of water heaters are tankless water heaters, or demand type heaters. These heaters provide hot water only when it is needed, therefore having zero standby energy losses since no heat is actually stored.Tankless Water Heaters Guide As cold water flows into the unit, the heat source is triggered and the cold water is brought up to usable temperature on demand. The water […]

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Reliance Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting & Repair Guide

Reliance Electric Water Heater

In this guide well discuss in detail the problems and solutions to Reliance electric hot water heater repair. Reliance Electric water heaters sometime leak from various places and cause a short, sometimes the Reliance electric water heater wont get hot enough and the hot water runs out quickly. Sometimes, you will find your electric water heater doesnt heat at all! *WARNING!*Reliance electric water heaters as […]

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Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

Heat Tape

Frozen water pipes are a common occurrence in the cold weather of the winter season, and preventing frozen water pipes is smarter than waiting until they freeze and having to thaw them out or repair your broken water pipes. When water freezes, it expands, and this expansion can not only cause you have no water, it can expand enough to burst your water pipes, and […]

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Kitchen sink drain clog clearing guide

Sink Drain

So your relatives are coming over in hour, you just did a bunch of cooking and cleaning, and now the kitchen sink isnt draining! What now? Buy some drain-o or liquid plummer chemicals and dump them in? Call the plumber? Call roto-rooter to unclog the nasty old kitchen sink? Use a plunger? Use a drain snake? HELP, my kitchen sink is filled with gross water! […]

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Heated toilet seats review

Heated toilet seat

Ever freeze your butt off when using a the toilet on a cold winter night? Well, you dont have to any more. There are a number of heated toilet seats on the market that use a very minute amount amount of energy, yet can keep your tushy warm when you sit down on your favorite throne.Heated toilet seats review Most heated toilet seats utilize a […]

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Energy Efficient Conventional Water Heaters

Navien NR Condensing 98 Residential Tankless Water-Heater

Water heaters of yesterday are rapidly becoming extinct as new, high-tech, high efficiency water heaters take over the marketplace. In this article we look at conventional water heater systems and the associated pros and cons. The first water heater we will consider is the old standby, the gas fired conventional storage type water heater. Storage type water heaters are the most simple, and most conventional […]

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How to replace a toilet handle

toilet handle

The toilet handle is a commonly broken part and the easiest part to replace on the toilet. It is also referred to as a tank lever as it is the lever in the toilet tank that causes the toilet to flush when it is pushed. To replace the toilet handle, first you must remove the old one. The first thing that you will notice on […]

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Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilets

Envirolet Low Water Composting Toilets

The Envirolet low water toilets use a eco friendly toilet system that composts the waste while using almost no water at all! While indoor toilets have become a universal modern convenience to much of society, their impact on water use is serious issue. Envirolet has designed a system that has all the convenience and comfort of a luxury toilet, yet the ecologically sound, green system […]

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